Eco-sensible house


Eco-sensible house is the name of this construction, which is a small, transportable, multifunctional home. Due to its outward appearance, it looks like a magic box. The wood of our construction comes from very hard and compact timber of high specific gravity, of high mechanical durability against crushing and bending, of low water absorption and of slow burning rate and it constitutes the ideal building material for Eco-Houses. This is the preference of the Japanese, when it comes to wooden houses.

Wood is the warmest building material; therefore, it provides the greatest warmth in winter and coolness in summer, when combined with the suitable thermal insulation materials (applicable to wall-building, roofs and mezzanine flooring). The costs of regulating and improving indoor temperature are minimal. The reason is easy to explain: wood functions as a natural and biological regulator of the temperature and of the relative humidity in air inside the construction.  

The construction is based on a simple structuring system of wooden frames, which create a three-dimensional volume consisting of square, compact panels. The size of the panels and the joints facilitate potential modifications in the dimensions of the house. The roof is covered with a membrane and with rubber tiles which protect the house against water and weather changes.

The interior of the house is of medium size and divided into two levels. On the upper level, the available open space is suitable for a bedroom or a home office, depending on its height. The lower level is reserved for the common areas: kitchen, bathroom, living room and stairs which are portable for easier use. 

The kitchen, the toilette and the loft are set up facing north, so that protection is provided around the privileged spot of the house which is no other than the living room for the daily living. The almost (there are small openings for the basic ventilation and lighting) wide shut wooden walls on the north, east and west sides contribute to the passive solar effects, whereas the north façade opens, in order to enable as much sunlight within the house as possible. The whole northern wall is a big window, which merges indoor and outdoor space to create a unified living environment, offering natural lighting and ventilation in all areas of the house. This construction has all its external surfaces sufficiently insulated and -along with the wood paneling- provides the supreme desirable results in thermal and sound insulation. Its foundations are also prefabricated and can be installed along with the whole house within a day.    

This practice of constructing houses is the first step towards an architectural policy that is more lasting and responsible. It is not only the use of natural materials that shows the architectural charm of Eco- Houses, but also the great variety of eco-friendly materials which affords the architects unique solutions to constructions that satisfy every client demand, regarding both their size and their use.